The Hora Española Concept is over

Five years ago .when we started this Project, we thought that the Spain brand was growing up. It were a good moment for starting an new idea of time, where on was emphasized  our way of life. It seems that the spaniards would not suffer never more, because of our big wealth. Five years later, I did not had imagined that our situation would be so bad. Today to say that I am spaniard is laughing matter. Now more of never the spaniards´ stereotypes are appearing in all parts of the world. We are lazy, inflexible, violent bullfights, dirty, rude, and others. Yes, we are futbol world champions.

The hora española concept was based on the idea of although each spaniard is different because there are many nationalities, languages in Spain. we like our way of life. Despite of  we are linked for the same idea of time. We like to well-being, enjoy of life, stay with our friends. Now, the discouragement is generalized and may be this situation enlarged for much more time

Rethinking the concept is that we are going to do our watches in Swiss and based on industrialism conceptual design, with some subject about time´s philosophie. As well I am going to write in english, because is a global language and we want to reach to much more people in order to show our conceptual watches.  It very dificult to write philosophie and Concepts in english but I will try it.

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  1. Well, is the time of change, is the SwisSpanish time … thit is the chance 😉

  2. i hope you the best!!! keep on!!


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